Another Vines Singing Connection: From the 7th Generation of Gay-Parker

Faith & Harmony screenshot from their Grounded video.

Faith & Harmony is a gospel singing group formed from six granddaughters of Johnny Ray Daniels and Dorothy Vines Daniels. They are the great granddaughters of Freeman Vines, Sr. and Arie Gay Vines Artis, and the great-great granddaughters of Pa Bob Gay and Ma Lillie Parker Gay.

Kadesha Speight, Renee Sugg, Keamber Daniels, Andrea Edwards, Christy Moody, and Tinesha Weaver comprise Faith & Harmony and are the daughters of Anthony Daniels and Johnnie Mae Daniels Edwards. Anthony “Amp” and Johnnie Mae are the children of Johnny Ray Daniels and Dorothy Vines Daniels. Faith & Harmony will be making its mark in gospel music following in the footsteps of their grandmother Dorothy Vines Daniels and great-aunts Alice Vines, Mattie Vines Harper,  and Audrey Vines, the Glorifying Vines Sisters.

To read more about Faith & Harmony and to watch their video, click here.

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Our Black History: Bishop Robert J. Gay, Sr. and Deacon David C. Gay, Sr.

Deacon David Gay, Sr. and Bishop Robert Gay, Sr.

We can read about Frederick Douglass and watch the old documentary videos of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. That kind of Black history is fantastic for the entire country. But, individual family history as Black history can be even more fantastic. That’s what we have in our Uncle Rob ( Bishop Robert Gay, Sr.) and our Uncle Dave (Deacon David Gay, Sr.).

Uncle Rob, 88, and Uncle Dave, 85, grew up in two locations on Stantonsburg Road: first, about four miles from Farmville; and second, about four miles from Greenville (back then), but now maybe 500 yards.

What was their world on Stantonburg Road like then? What was their Black history?
These two men grew up in a stronghold of segregation and discrimination of the 1930’s and 1940’s. The farms that Uncle Rob and Uncle Dave lived on and worked on were tenant/share cropper operations. Pa Bob raised the family on only receiving half of every dollar the family earned from raising crops.

Plus, the United States was in the midst of the Great Depression. Later in their childhood, they also faced the effects of World War II.

Their schools were segregated and to get there they walked. Wherever they went, they faced the Jim Crow world of North Carolina. Signs everywhere said White Only and Colored Only: at stores, in cafes, bus stations, and in the tobacco warehouses.

This was the world in which they were born, grew up in, and faced as young men. In fact, when the Brown versus the Topeka Board of Education case was decided, Uncle Rob was already 21, and Uncle Dave 19.

Now in 2021, 75-80 years later, Uncle Rob and Uncle Dave have endured through working hard, learning anew, raising their children, and serving Jesus Christ.

This February 2021 we celebrate Robert James Gay, Sr. and David Clinton Gay, Sr. the two youngest children of “Pa” Bob Gay and “Ma” Lillie Parker Gay.

Uncle Rob (Bishop Robert Gay) farmed briefly before moving to Bridgeport, CT. Later, he worked a number of decades painting cars and specializing in auto body work. Additionally, Uncle Rob was an ordained minister, pastor, and later a bishop for several decades. He pastored St. Matthews from 1977 to 2015.
Uncle Rob married Mary Spain Gay and later Ethel Gay and is the father of eight children.

Uncle Dave (Deacon David Gay) farmed, drove a school bus, and worked as an orderly and medical technician for Pitt Memorial Hospital (Vidant Hospital) and later at the Alcoholic Rehabilitation Center. Uncle Dave married the late Mary Whitehurst Gay and is the father of 12 children, one of which died as an infant.
He has been a deacon for over four decades.

Bishop Robert Gay's Street Corner

In 2017, St. Matthews honored Uncle Rob by having a New Haven, CT intersection dedicated to him.  You can read the newspaper story here.

Over the past few years, Uncle Dave has worked to increase health consciousness in Pitt County communities and in 2018 held a Walk-with-Dave event to provide information about kidney awareness and some health testing. Watch this WITN 7 video about Uncle Dave’s 2018 event here.


Uncle Rob and Uncle Dave are the connection to Ma Lillie’s line of Parkers: Her maternal grandfather was Dempsey Parker, her grandmother Viney Barrett Parker and her mother Jennie Parker Moore.  Ma Lillie’s paternal grandfather was Turnage Joyner, her grandmother was Nicey Joyner and her father Spencer Joyner.

They are also the connection to Pa Bob’s line of Gays: his maternal grandfather was Jacob Gay and his grandmother Mary Jane Jefferson Gay, his mother Arie Gay. Pa Bob’s paternal grandfather was Richard Gay, his grandmother Arie Hemby Gay, and his father George Washington Gay.


So, here we are, celebrating Black History Month 2021. As said earlier, we celebrate Bishop Robert James Gay, Sr. and Deacon David Clinton Gay, Sr. the remaining living children of the second generation of the Pa Bob Gay and Ma Lillie Parker Gay.

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Alice Vines Releases a Solo Gospel CD

Pastor Alice Vines

It’s probably a 40-something years-
creation for Alice Vines, one of the siblings in The Glorifying Vines Sisters singing group. The Glorifying Vines Sisters have sung throughout the state of North Carolina, the eastern and midwestern parts of the United States and in Switzerland.

So, what is Alice’s creation? Simple. It’s her solo gospel CD album Don’t Forget to Pray in 2021. That’s what Alice, pastor of The Believe in Jesus Ministry Church in Farmville, NC., recently completed.

Alice received her preparation and training for this solo CD from all the years she spent as a member and manager of the Glorifying Vines Sisters group. In 2017 and 2018, the Glorifying Vines Sisters performed in numerous venues in NC, across the country, and in Switzerland. As the leading voice in a PBS video about the Glorifying Vines Sisters, Alice shares her thoughts and feelings about singing and God.

You can watch that Glorifying Vines Sisters video here.

Alice Vines is the daughter of the late Freeman Vines Sr. and Arie Gay Vines Artis and the granddaughter of the late Pa Bob Gay and Ma Lillie Parker Gay.

Alice has two topics that dominate her conversation: Her love of God and her work in the church that she is pastor of; and her family, which means her children and grand children, and her brothers, sisters, uncles, hundreds of cousins.

The Vines Sisters: Dorothy Daniels, Mattie Harper, and Alice Vines


Recently, Alice told Donna Davis, a local writer for The Daily Reflector, about how she is connected to her family by saying “When all of them are gone but one person, it’s terrible. You don’t have anyone there to help you out anymore. But you have to learn how to move on by yourself.”

Alice added that her niece, Melody Harper, who is Mattie Vines Harper’s daughter, has helped her with this CD creation.

Melody Harper and Alice worked together on Alice’s CD album

Also, in her article Donna Davis wrote that Alice is hoping to raise funds from the sale of the CD to help with her sisters’ rehabilitation( Both Dorothy Daniels and Mattie Harper have had strokes).

In the coming weeks in 2021, expect an opportunity to buy a copy of Alice’s new CD Don’t Forget to Pray. Get your copy!

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Angela Gay: Nurse, and Recently a Clinical Nurse Manager

If you talk to any nurse, you will probably be advised to wear a mask, wash your hands, and maintain at least six feet between you and everyone else. . As a nurse, Angela Denise Gay knows about and supports the health and life saving value of this advice

Angela Denise Gay is the  daughter of Eunice Gay, granddaughter of the late Lucille Gay Blow and great granddaughter of Pa Bob Gay and Ma Lillie Parker Gay.

In a series of questions,  Angela recently discussed her job and her life interests. 

Q. What is your new job title?

A.  I am a Clinical Nurse Manager at the Central Regional Hospital.

Q. When did you begin working?

A. I started March 1, 2020.

Q. Where are you working? 

A.  I am a Clinical Nurse Manager at the Central Regional Hospital. I started on March 1, 2020.

I became a Registered Nurse in 2011, where I am still servicing as a  Clinical  Nurse at the Department of Veteran Affairs, I started working for the VA in 2014. First at Ralph Johnson VA in Charleston SC 2014-2015 and then the Durham VA from 2015- current.

Recently, I became a licensed Home Care Agency Owner where I am the owner and agency director of “Caring Heart Home Care, LLC”, expecting to launch in January 2021.

Q. What are your job responsibilities and how many employees are under your supervision? 

A.  At Central Regional Hospital: I supervise 40 employees on a 26 bed unit. Population : Forensic Population

Q.  How is your new job different and like your previous job

A.  This job is different because I have never managed a high number of staff,  compared to being a clinical nurse at the Veteran Affairs. It is also different because it is a Psychiatric Unit versus an Acute Medical Unit. As well as I will be new to owning a Home Care Agency, I’m excited about this new journey. 

Q. What do you enjoy and find rewarding about your new job?    A. Watching my staff grow and develop into better professionals as well as seeing my patients accomplish their  daily goals. 

Q. What is most challenging  about the job?

A.  Sometimes you may have difficult staff; however, you push through it and remember your purpose.

Q. How has COVID 19 affected your job this year

A.  It hasn’t affected me negatively because I’ve been fortunate enough to remain employed; however, it has increased our awareness to remain safe and comply with all  infection control policies. 

Q.  Where did you work previously and how long

A.  At Durham VA Hospital (still employed part-time)

Q.  After you graduated from Rose High in 2007, where did you attend college and what degrees did you earn? 

A.  NC A&T State University, Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Liberty University, Master of Art in Human Services & Health & Wellness


Chamberlain University, studying nursing, as a family nurse practitioner

I will graduate in Nov 2021.

Q. What hobbies and activities do you enjoy?

A.  Singing with the NC A&T Gospel Choir

Volunteering at the Urban Ministries

Volunteering at the Ben L Smith High School with their Gospel Choir

Health and Exercise 


(GHOE #aggiepride

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Dr. William “Bill” Gay headed to National Black Radio Hall of Fame

In February 2021, Dr. William “Bill” Gay will be inducted into the National Black Radio Hall of Fame (NBRHOF).

In a career that started in 1971 in Baltimore and Gaithersburg, Maryland, Washington, DC, and later Atlanta, Georgia, William Bill Gay aka, “The Love Doctor” honed his audio engineering and his on-air radio performance or his DJ-ing craft.

William Gay, bill gay, love doctor

Along the way, William helped to establish Howard University’s notable WHUR radio station. On the Baltimore radio scene, William became the first Black to work as radio engineer audio board operator at WCAO AM-FM, Pikesville, a top 50 music station. 

At the Gaithersburg  MD station WHMC AM, William performed as a radio announcer under the air name Bob Kinney. 

William posted this autobiographical comment about his career in radio after leaving the Baltimore- Washington, DC:

” I relocated to Atlanta in 1974 after being hired the Legendary James “Alley” Pat to work at WERD 860 AM. The station was bought by Radio -AD INC, and the radio license changed call letters to WXAP 860 AM. I was, at that time, the youngest black Chief Engineer in America. I was also the Program Director and Music Director.”
 Later, He worked as a jazz radio personality and as a technical engineer for Georgia Public Television.

William wrote in his autobio-note for his online radio station: “I was a Jazz DJ on WRFG 89.3 FM WXLL 1310 AM Gospel R&B DJ, WYZE 1480AM R&B DJ. I later worked at WCLK 91.9 FM as a “Oldies “Heart & Soul DJ for 12 years. This year Dr. William “Bill” Gay created an online radio show

Dr. William “Bill” Gay is the husband of Candi Gay, and the father of three daughters. He is the son of Alice Hemby and George Gay and the grandson of Pa Bob Gay and Ma Lillie Parker Gay.

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Dr. Arjanae Gay recognized in Daily Reflector in April 2020

Farmville native appointed audiology chief

  • Apr 23, 2020
Arjanae Gay
Dr. Arjanae Gay
By Donna Marie Williams The Standard

Dr. Arjanae Gay, daughter of Donald and Lawan Gay of Farmville, has recently been promoted to chief of the audiology service at the Southern Oregon Veterans’ Affairs Medical Center.

Gay completed her undergraduate coursework in 2010 at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro, earning a bachelors’ degree in psychology. She continued on to Nova Southeastern University, Fort Lauderdale, Fla., where she earned her doctorate of audiology in 2014.

Gay completed her one-year clinical externship at the Central Texas VA in Austin, Texas. She also worked at the Gulf Coast VA in Pensacola, Fla., where she thoroughly enjoyed the experience and was an integral member of the tele-medicine team.

She is also a fellow of the American Academy of Audiology and holds certification with the American Board of Audiology. Gay is a recent graduate of the Veterans Health Care Aspiring Leaders Program.

She is enjoying the adventure and working with the patients and staff in the Southern Oregon area, a news release said.

Contact Donna Marie Williams at

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Terra Gay: one of the top 10 women Resilient Magazine recognizes

In her own words, Terra Gay, Conley, Georgia, says she is ” so honored to be included in another Top 10 List.”
This list appears in Resilient Magazine.
Read Terra’s responses to the the 10 questions in the pages from Resilient Magazine below.

Terra Gay is the daughter of William and Candi Gay, the granddaughter of the late George Gay and Alice Hemby, and the great-granddaughter of Pa Bob Gay and Ma Lillie Parker Gay.

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Books published by members of the Gay Parker family

The COVID 19 restrictions should create some extra time at home for all of us. We can use that extra time reading: in fact, we can try a book or two published by members of the Gay Parker Family.
Check out the ads for the books below. Choose a book to help you fill in that free time.
Enjoy. And learn. 


Freeman Vines, Jr., “Bro,” son of the late Freeman Vines Sr and Arie Gay Vines Artis, is the grandson of Pa Bob Gay and Ma Lillie Parker Gay.
After receiving regional and national acclaim for making guitars in the past five years, Freeman Jr. “Bro” has written a book, Hanging Tree Guitars.

It tells the story about Freeman Jr’s life and about his artistry in making guitars, some of them out of wood from a tree once used to lynch a Black farmer. Hanging Tree Guitars was released in September 2020. 

The late Arie Gay Vines Artis is the daughter of the late Pa Bob Gay and Ma Lillie Parker Gay.Kim A Gay Smith is the wife of Terrell Smith and the daughter of Eunice Gay. Kim is the granddaughter of the late Lucille Gay Blow
and great-granddaughter of Pa Bob Gay and Ma Lillie Parker Gay

Audrey Vines is the daughter of the late Arie Gay Vines Artis and granddaughter of the late Pa Bob Gay and Ma Lillie Parker Gay

Doris Phillips Wilson is the wife of Amos Wilson.
Doris is the daughter of the late Bishop Willie Phillips and Gennie Gay Phillips and the granddaughter of the late Pa Bob Gay and Ma Lillie Parker Gay.

Soon to be Released Books

Crystal Gay is the daughter of Eunice Gay and the granddaughter of Lucille Gay Blow.  Crystal is the great-granddaughter of the late Pa Bob Gay and Ma Lillie Parker Gay.

Daniel Wilson is the son of Amos Wilson and Doris Phillips Wilson,
and the grandson of Bishop Willie Phillips and Gennie Gay Phillips.
Daniel is also the great-grandson of Pa Bob Gay and Ma Lillie Parker Gay.

Read the rest of this entry »

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Family News from Georgia

Recently, Dr. William “Bill” Gay, husband of Candi Gay, son of Alice Hemby and George Gay, and grandson of Pa Bob Gay and Ma Lillie Parker Gay, was recognized for being a member of the Black Radio Hall of Fame and the Atlanta Region Facility Manager.

In August, Terra Gay, daughter of William and Candi Gay, was appointed Director of Culture and Equity of the Charles R. Drew Charter School.
Below is the letter announcing Terra’s appointment and a picture of Terra and Dr. Bernice King. Terra worked at the King Center as an assistant producer in a program to bridge the racial divide in a collaborative for Black teachers.

Dr. Bernice King and Ms. Terra Gay

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Celebrating Two 2019- 2020 ECU Graduates

In spite of the pressures and strains everyone has faced during the Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic, we can still pause and celebrate the educational achievements in the Gay-Parker family.

In December 2019, Pamela Barnes Ellis, daughter of Marion Barnes and Edith Gay Barnes, graduated from East Carolina University.
Pam is the granddaughter of the late Herman Gay and the late Danny Ruth Dupree Gay.

Pamela Barnes Ellis

During the 2020 Mother’s Day weekend, we recognize one of this year’s graduates, Elder Mary Alice Gay Worsley, daughter of Deacon David Gay and the late Mary Whitehurst Gay.
Mary Alice is the granddaughter of the late Robert “Pa Bob” Gay and the late Lillie “Ma Lillie” Parker Gay. The following clip is from an ECU spotlight of graduates.

Elder Mary Worsley

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